Grass Finished VS. Grain Finished

Grass Finished VS. Grain Finished

Chapman 3C Beef: Grass Fed-Grain Finished


People often ask us, how we raise our all-natural beef. Our answer: grass fed-grain finished. And we're here to explain exactly what that means and why we use that method!


What does 'Grass Fed-Grain Finished' mean?

Our steers are kept on a grass diet up until their processing date. From the time they are weaned from their mother, to the day they are taken to our processor, our steers have fresh grass available to them 24/7. We pasture rotate the steers to ensure they have the best grass at all times and don't over graze the land. 

When the steers are about 4-6 months out from their processing date, we introduce an all-natural grain ration to their diet. This helps them gain a healthy fat before we take them to the processor. The grain also gives the meat nice marbling once processed- more marbling, the better the beef tastes. 


Is Grain Finished better for you/better for the environment? 

We've had many years of experience in raising cattle. Which means we've got our techniques down to a science. We know when to add grain to their diet and how to do it, slowly and efficiently. Once we add the all-natural grain ration to their daily diet, we keep a close watch on our steers.

As stated above the grain ration provides the steers with a healthy fat, and creates a tasty steak for you to consume. Without the grain ration, the beef we produce wouldn't have near the flavor and marbling it does. While there isn't a big difference in the nutritional value of grass finished beef versus grain finished there is a difference in taste and flavor. 

Grain finished beef is not only tasty, but it also leaves a smaller carbon footprint than grass fed beef. With that being said grain finished is a great sustainable way to raise beef. Cattle are the greatest up-cyclers, by taking inedible (to humans) forage and grain and turning it into beef!



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  • we had your steaks ordered via Texas Farm Box – rave reviews, best Christmas dinner yet- thank you

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