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Chapman 3C Beef-Who We Are

This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24 

We are a small family ranch located in central Texas. We have been raising livestock on this land for four generations.  Wayne Chapman purchased the homestead in 1963 where the headquarters are currently located. We have always been blessed with the ability of knowing where our meat comes from by raising our own meats to provide for our family. We realized there was a need for consumers to know where their food comes from also. This started our venture for marketing and selling meat directly from our ranch to our customers. In 2017 we formed, Chapman Enterprises LLC, and began to sell individual cuts of our home grown beef.

The Chapman 3C Ranch invites you to try our beef. Our business is based on the motto, “If we are not trying to improve, then we are going backwards.”  We strive to make our meat the best for our customers while making sure the wellbeing of our animals are not compromised. Animals are God’s unique creatures. We firmly believe that by giving the best care to our animals, they in turn will take care of us. 


Why Buy From Chapman 3C?

We sell fresh clean premium beef. As our valued customer, you can buy one steak or the whole steer! The beef you purchase comes straight from our ranch to your home. There are no middle men or large corporations involved. We do not buy shares or go through an outside meat subscription delivery service. Our cattle are raised in a natural and low stress environment. They are always in their natural habitat with free access to water and grass. We utilize an extensive rotational grazing system to insure our animals have the best grass available. Our meat does not contain antibiotics, preservatives, fillers or added hormones. As consumers of these products, we would never add something unhealthy to our animals. “If we would not eat it, we would not sale it!  Chapman 3C cattle are grass fed and grain finished. We use an all-natural, grain finish ration which maximizes the marbling and tenderness of our beef. We raise healthy, high quality great tasting meat. Our animals our humanely harvested at a inspected facility under the eye of an inspector. Our beef is dry aged in a controlled environment to increase tenderness and a richer flavor. The beef you purchase is delivered straight from our ranch to your home. Chapman 3C Cattle Company invites you to taste the difference! 


Why Grain-finished Beef?

Many people prefer the more rich flavor of grain-finished beef. Cattle raised with grain in their diet will yield more marbled beef with a milder flavor than beef raised on grass alone. Chapman 3C “pasture-raised, grain finished” beef is a higher quality than conventional feedlot grain-finished beef. Our cattle spend their entire lives on open pasture eating the natural grasses grown on the ranch. Unlike conventional grain-finished beef sold in stores and restaurants, 3C cattle live in the pasture and are fed a high quality, natural grain ration. Our cattle reap the benefits of grass and grain diets. It’s grain-finished beef raised right!

 If we earn your business, you can trust us to provide you with convenience, value, and a quality product.