Here's our Frequently Asked Questions! 

At Chapman 3C, we want our customers to be satisfied and informed about the purchases they are making! We have put together a list of some of our most asked questions to help you as you shop around our site. As always if you don't see your question listed here, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone and we would be more than happy to answer any question you have!

    Our cattle are raised right here on our ranch in Hico, Texas. When necessary, we do source some beef from other small local producers here in Texas. We carefully verify local ranchers and farmers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability, utilizing their products to supplement our own offerings and fill any gaps in our inventory. This collaborative approach allows us to offer a diverse range of high-quality meats while maintaining our commitment to supporting local producers who share our values.

    Our cattle are grass fed, grain finished. This means our cattle have access and are raised in the pasture their entire lives and are fed a natural grain ration 90 days before they are processed.

    Our cattle are antibiotic free, and we don’t use any added hormones or growth hormones. They are approved by USDA as All-Natural, Pasture Raised, which means they can never be raised with any antibiotics or added hormones.

    Our beef is approved by the USDA as All-Natural Pasture Raised Beef. When you look up the meaning of certified organic beef on USDA.gov, it means the cattle are never given any growth hormones or antibiotics. So while we don’t officially have the USDA Certified Organic stamp, our beef is raised by the standards it takes to be certified organic. We do not believe in producing GMO beef. All Chapman 3C Beef is non-GMO.  

    At Chapman 3C Cattle, we prioritize the well-being of our animals and the quality of our meats from start to finish. That's why we partner with USDA processing plants known for their humane and ethical practices. Once our cattle reach these facilities, they undergo careful processing, ensuring the highest standards of care. After harvesting, the beef carcasses are left to dry age for a full 14 days. This process enhances the tenderness and flavor of the meat, resulting in a truly exceptional product. Once aged to perfection, the beef is expertly cut into individual portions and promptly vacuum-sealed for freshness. To lock in all the deliciousness, we then flash freeze the packaged cuts. This rapid freezing method preserves the meat's quality and flavor, ensuring that when you open a package of Chapman 3C Cattle beef, you're getting the freshest taste possible. From our pastures to your plate, every step is taken with care to deliver the finest quality beef to your table.


    You can place an order right here on our website, or by giving us a phone call! If you're having a bit of trouble with the process, here is a step by step guide. Once you place your order with us and get to the checkout page, you have the option to choose pick up or shipping. You can come pick up your beef right here from our ranch in Hico, TX or we will ship it right to your doorstep!

    Our shipping strategy has been tested and verified to keep your beef safe, fresh and frozen in transit. We insulate our boxes with insulated box liners, pack the meat tightly, cover the meat in ice sheets, and use a special tape to keep everything packed tightly and securely. We have tested this shipment method in the heat of Texas summers, and it’s guaranteed to keep your beef fresh and frozen when it arrives on your doorstep.
    We use UPS for all shipments, and we ship from our ranch every Monday.

    For more information about our shipping, please click here.

    Our beef is shipped straight to you, frozen. Once you receive your order, we suggest opening the box as soon as possible, unpacking your beef, and storing it in your freezer. Storing your meat in the freezer will keep it fresh and flavorful right up until you plan to cook it. When you are getting ready to prepare your beef, we suggest placing the cut of beef in your refrigerator the night before you plan on cooking to let it thaw. Depending on what type of cut you are planning on cooking, the preparation process will be different. If you’re looking for recipes, marinades, or helpful tips on cooking, check out our blog!    

    Chapman 3C Cattle's dedication to superior genetics, natural feeding practices, animal welfare, and meticulous processing all contribute to the exceptional quality and taste of their beef. You will not find quality meat like ours in the grocery stores and markets. We have worked hard to curate beef that we can be proud of with the amount of marbling, quality, and taste. We receive confirmation from our customers continuously telling us our beef is superior in quality and taste.

    At Chapman 3C Cattle Company we guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. If there happens to be an issue with your order or you are not happy with what you have purchased, we encourage our customers to reach out directly to us via phone or email. We do not accept returns of our perishable items, however when you reach out to us we will work directly with you to make things right on our end. Our top priority is satisfied and happy customers!

    Here's what we recommend: 
    One cubic foot of freezer space for every 35 pounds of beef! 

    Needing help deciding how much beef you need to order for your household and how much freezer space you will need? Click here to visit our beef calculator!

    Of course! We encourage our customers to call us and ask any further questions they have when placing an order with us. We want the process to be as easy and painless as possible that's why we give your our personal cell phone number (254) 977-4337.