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Chapman 3C Cattle Company


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Chapman 3C Cattle Company is your premiere online meat delivery company. We sell consistent high quality farm fresh beef. Through this website, you can conveniently purchase your favorite cut of meat and have it delivered straight from our ranch to your door. Call us today ​(254) 977-4337

Premium Beef For Sale


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These steaks never disappoint! I would rather have a steak cooked at home from Chapman 3C Cattle over any steak house any day!  We never have to worry about beef recalls!

Alicia M

We grill a lot of steak and have for many years. After serving these beauties, everyone agrees they are the best steak they have ever eaten.

David B

Always look forward to my 3C box each month. So happy I found them. This makes getting a half cow all the way to Chicago so easy and we don't have to worry about having a giant freezer with the monthly shipment. Great meat every month with a great variety.

Maria K

Mark and his family work hard to satisfy their customers and their grass fed beef is the best. The roast I purchased from him last year was better than the one I got from Snake River Farms.

Craig R.

Mark is the best! His care for the customer is top notch and his product is equally stellar. We purchased meat gifts for our families this Christmas and ALL of them can't quit talking about how tender and flavorful the meat was. Thank you Chapman 3C Cattle for caring and putting out an excellent product.


Great Steak! So easy now to have quality meat often. Thanks 3C

Tim L

Shipping was excellent - all frozen solid to New Orleans in the middle of summer. Taste of the beef was superb! Will definitely order again.

Samantha B

Best steaks and service I’ve had on delivered steaks. Great people, who care for the quality their customers get.


Best steaks we have ever tasted. Tender and juicy. Looking forward to our next order.

Ron G