How to Buy Bulk Beef from Chapman 3C Cattle Company-High-Quality, Farm-Fresh Beef

Bulk beef is typically sold in larger quantities than individual retail cuts, making it suitable for restaurants, institutions, and individuals looking to stock up. Here are some  ways Chapman 3C bulk beef is sold:

  1. Whole Beef: This involves purchasing an entire carcass or side of beef. A whole beef carcass is usually divided into two sides. Each side can be further divided into primal cuts like ribs, loin, and chuck. Customers can specify how they want it processed, such as bone-in or boneless, and how the meat is cut and packaged.

  2. Half Beef: Some beef customers opt to buy half of a beef carcass, which typically includes a portion of both the front and back quarters. This allows for a variety of cuts and a more manageable quantity of meat.

  3. Quarter Beef: For smaller households, a quarter of a beef carcass is an option. It includes a portion of either the front or back quarter and provides a smaller amount of meat than a half or whole beef.

  4. Cuts and Custom Orders: Some customers prefer to purchase specific cuts of meat in bulk, such as ground beef, steaks, roasts, or stew meat. These cuts can be purchased in larger quantities than what you'd find in a typical grocery store, often by the pound or by weight. Contact Mark (254)977-4337 to order your Custom Beef Box

  5. Bulk Ground Beef: Ground beef is a popular choice for bulk purchases. It can be packaged in large quantities, such as 5-pound or 10-pound packages.

  6. Primal Cuts: Primal cuts like beef loin, ribeye, and brisket can be purchased in larger quantities, allowing customers to portion and process the meat according to their needs.

  7. Processed Beef Products: Some sellers offer bulk processed beef products like sausages, burger patties, or jerky, which are convenient for quick meal preparation.

  8. Freezer Beef: Chapman 3C Beef also offers "freezer beef" packages, where a set assortment of cuts is bundled together and sold in bulk quantities. These packages often include an Eighth Cow or a  Sixteenth Cow. We do offer steak boxes and a variety of cuts to suit different cooking preferences when beef is available.

  9. Custom Butcher Orders: We are happy to work with our artisan butcher to create custom bulk orders tailored to your specific preferences. This allows you to choose the types of cuts, packaging, and processing methods.

Why Choose Bulk Beef from Chapman 3C Cattle Company:

  • Unbeatable Freshness: Our beef is always fresh and never frozen, delivering unparalleled flavor and tenderness.
  • Exceptional Variety: Explore a wide range of beef cuts, from ribeye steaks to brisket, to suit your culinary preferences.
  • Cost-Effective: Buying bulk beef from us saves you money compared to purchasing individual cuts.
  • Support Local Farming: By choosing us, you support local, family-owned farming and sustainable agricultural practices.

Shop with Confidence: Chapman 3C Cattle Company is committed to making your online beef shopping experience seamless and enjoyable. We take great care in packaging your orders to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep.

Explore our selection of bulk beef today and experience the unbeatable taste and quality that Chapman 3C Cattle Company is known for. Elevate your culinary creations with our premium beef, and savor the difference that farm-fresh, responsibly raised meat can make. Buy bulk beef online with confidence from us and enjoy mouthwatering meals with your family and friends.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor the finest beef available. Start shopping now and discover why Chapman 3C Cattle Company is your go-to source for premium bulk beef.

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