Mark Chapman-The Faces Behind 3C Beef!

Mark Chapman-The Faces Behind 3C Beef!

We want you to know the faces behind 3C! 

This is Mark Chapman... 

 The face most of you know behind Chapman 3C Cattle Company! Most of you know Mark, and have probably talked with him via phone or email. If you have, you know he is dedicated to taking care of his customers and he knows the business. 



The ranch has been in Mark's family for four generations now, and has always produced livestock, since before Mark was born. So we think it's safe to say, it's in his blood to be a cattleman. He continues to pursue his passion for raising cattle every day and enjoys sharing it with others. 

Through the years Mark has held many different titles, including leathersmith, horseman, hunting guide, and now beef producer or as most would call it 'cowboy'. Cowboy seems to be his favorite role, and his favorite place is horseback on Sancho. 

Mark not only keeps himself busy by packing boxes of meat for customers and working his cattle. He is heavily involved with his community and teaching Sunday School at the Carlton Baptist Church. It's hard to find him not busy or working!