Going Beyond The Ribeye: 4 Steaks You Should Try

Going Beyond The Ribeye: 4 Steaks You Should Try | Chapman 3C Cattle Company

Beyond The Ribeye: 4 Steaks You Should Try


Steak is the quintessential American meal. At the center of it all is the ribeye steak. Everyone loves this juicy marbled steak cut that is both flavorful and easy to cook. However, ribeye is not the only steak available. Here are 4 top steaks you should try.

Porterhouse Steak

The Porterhouse steak is the thicker version of the t-bone steak. This bone-in steak is a combination of strip and tenderloin. The porterhouse steak is tender and offers the beefy flavor of both filet and loin, which means it requires less seasoning. The porterhouse steak is quite hefty, and one slice could serve two people.

The porterhouse steak can be broiled or pan-seared. Since this is a thick cut, you would want to use a meat thermometer to make sure that the meat cooks through.

Strip Steak

Strip steak is cut from the short loin. This steak has less fat than ribeye but does have a sufficient amount of marbling. Strip steak has a fine, buttery flavor that is more prominent than the flavor of tenderloin steak. Strip steak is sold either boneless or bone-in, but the latter is preferred because the bone adds flavor to the steak.

One more advantage of the strip steak is that it’s cooked much like a ribeye steak. A simple seasoning of salt and pepper will do. Cook the strip steak over dry high heat.

Denver Steak

Denver steak is a relatively new cut but has quickly become quite popular. This cut comes from the chuck primal cut, from the part of the muscle that doesn’t get much exercise. It is one of the most tender cuts, has good marbling, and offers strong beef flavors.

To keep Denver steak tender, cook on a very hot grill on indirect side heat, then reverse-sear at the end. Denver steak is best when cooked medium-rare to medium.

Hanger Steak

Hanger steak got its name because it is harvested from the hanging part between the rib and the loin. Hanger steak has an intense beef flavor and is so much more affordable. Hanger steak is a tender cut, but could easily get tough if improperly prepared.

Hanger steak is best marinated with strong acids like citrus juice or wine. To enjoy its tenderness, cook only until medium-rare. Anything above medium will make the hanger steak tough.

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