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Brisket - Chapman 3C Cattle Company
Brisket - Chapman 3C Cattle Company


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Beef Brisket
  • Untrimmed fat for cooking
  • Dry Aged Premium Beef
  • This cut will grade USDA Choice to Prime
  • Grass-fed and grain finished beef
  • NO additives. NO preservatives. NO added hormones. NO antibiotics.
  • Flash frozen to preserve quality
Cuts: Whole, Flat Cut (the thinner part of the Brisket) and the Point Cut (the thicker part of the Brisket).  The Chapman 3C Beef Brisket is especially for all the BBQ smoke masters! Minimum trimmed so you can prep them the way you like. Our Beef Brisket is a flavorful cut that becomes juicy and tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures. This large piece of beef will take all day to cook. Dry aged for the perfect flavor and texture.  The whole beef brisket is the traditional cut used for slow smoked Texas BBQ.