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Beef Blade Steak - Chapman 3C Cattle Company

Beef Blade Steak

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Beef Blade Steak
  • Dry Aged Beef
  • Grass-fed and grain finished beef
  • All 3C Beef will grade Choice to Prime
  • NO additives. NO preservatives. NO added hormones. NO antibiotics.
  • Flash frozen and vacuumed packed to preserve quality

The Beef Blade Steak is also known as Top Blade or Top Chuck Steak. Similar to the Flat Iron Steak. Very flavorful. The Beef Blade Steak is cut from the chuck primal cut. Not normally found in the supermarkets.  Braise, or cut out the center strip of sinew and grill, broil or stir-fry strips.

All of our beef is naturally raised and harvested in Texas.