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Chapman 3C Cattle Company Beef For Sale 3C Beef Box Subscription

3C Beef Box Subscription

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Monthly Beef Box Subscription

3C Monthly Beef Box Subscription is a reliable, convenient way to save money, time, and freezer space. Your meat subscription will include a variety of our Artisan beef cuts. Your beef box will vary month to month but we guarantee you a variety of everything from our premium steaks to our ground beef.

Each month your beef box subscription will vary from our list of cuts: Ribeye Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Chuck Eye Steaks, Denver Steaks, NY Strip Steaks, Sirloin Steaks, Baseball Steaks, Chuck Roast, Sirloin Roast, Round Roast, Round Steak, Stew Meat, Flat Iron, Beef Kabobs, Beef Sausage, Ground Beef.
  • Premium Aged Beef
  • USDA Inspected and approved All Natural Pasture Raised Beef
  • Grass-fed and grain-finished beef
  • NO additives. NO preservatives. NO added hormones. NO antibiotics.
  • Flash frozen to preserve the quality